Hey, I’m Matthew Koenig and I see training differently. I have a growth mindset, and I believe in abundance. There is enough out there for every athlete, coach or trainer to succeed. I set out to blaze a path of collaboration, sharing and providing unmatched value.

I have played sports my entire life such as soccer, badminton. volleyball, football, track and field but my true love has always been basketball. I was small and not a standout athlete growing up and I didn't dunk a basketball until I was 20. I have been cut from teams for being too small, sat on the bench and had ZERO recruiting offers after my high school career. I didn't allow it to stop me and I blazed my own path to the next level, training myself to eventually play post-secondary and compete in professionally! This bred a burning passion to reach my physical peak and to help others do the same!

Previously, I have run my own training program, working at it full time. I decided I wanted better for myself and my clients and did what other trainers would never do... I took my passion, secrets and programs and worked with athletes, free of charge, for over a year, in an effort to gather feedback, learn and perfect my craft. Over this time I have gathered testimonials and success stories.

It is my mission to provide you with cutting edge training and education designed to help give you the tools to :
- Reach your physical goals and peak
- Create a sustainable approach to fitness
- Prevent Injury and live pain-free
- Truly enjoy your fitness journey

Some interesting facts about me are:
I am a Physical Education Teacher with a Kinesiology degree
I compete in FIBA 3x3 Basketball every summer
I dropped everything and worked and lived abroad for a year to help cultivate growth and passion

With the help of my mentor Ben Patrick and learning from Charles Poliquin, I have developed a training system that can be adapted and scaled to adapt to ANYONE willing to put the work in. It includes standards, levels and a pathway to reach your peak and live pain-free!