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Matthew Koenig

Founder + Head Coach

Basketball Players

I help basketball players become pain free and maximize their perfromance so they can get freakishly athletic and extend their career.

My methods are used by pros, but are amazing for building a foundation for young basketball players and older athletes. 

After my body broke down and I was prescribed surgury, I set out on a mission to fix my body. I learned from some of the best mentors in the world, changing my perspective on training the human body

I not only avoided the surgury, but also became pain free and a better athlete than ever before. 


Now my mission is to help basketball players avoid the pain I went through while maximizing their performance. 

looking to turn back the clock!

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Sara Gillis

Alliance Coach

Active Longevity for 50+

I help active older adults and seniors move STRONG, FREE & EASY! It's no secret that strong mobility is key to quality of life as we age. Through Alliance methods and programming, I help clients build and maintain strength in movement so that they can continue to live healthy and active lives long into the future.

I am committed to making strong mobility in aging adults the RULE rather than the exception.


Connor Mcleod

Alliance Coach

Football Players

I specialize in working with football players.


With Alliance Athletics, we're creating cutting-edge programs and philosophies for developing explosive high-performance athletes while saving them years of pain in the process.

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Jas Deol

Alliance Coach

Chronic Aches & Pains + Longevity. 

Going through my own fair share of injuries that lead me to chronic pain sparked a deep interest in understanding the human body.


I help people who suffer daily from nagging pain/aches by
understanding their habitual patterns developed over time through pattern correction exercises and breath work.


My goal is to help clients regain their functionality without pain and regain confidence in

movement with mind and body connection.

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Darcy Coss

Alliance Coach

Back Pain + Longevity

I help back pain sufferers train pain-free so they can be confident on and off the court. 


After years of battling back-pain, I eventually hurt my back so badly that my right leg became paralyzed.

I could no longer do the things I loved, like play basketball or even something simple, like relaxing and watching a movie. I was depressed, had low energy and was scared that this is how the rest of my life would be.


I searched for help in the medical system; however, nothing seemed to work.


It wasn't until I took accountability for myself and changed my mindset and lifestyle that I started to see a reduction in my back pain. Eventually, I rebuilt my body and mind and returned to playing basketball and being active again.

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Sundeep Rakhra

Alliance Coach

Soccer Players

I help soccer players reach their athletic goals. I believe a strong mindset builds a strong athlete. I want to take your athletic abilities to the next level. 


My mission is to develop soccer players to attain cutting-edge athleticism, prevent and rehabilitate an injury, and provide the tools to achieve long-lasting results of elite performance.

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