Caro Sternberg



Hi, I’m Caro! I have been a full-time personal trainer for over 7 years. I knew from day one I had a passion for helping people achieve goals they thought were impossible. 

After graduating with a B.Kin I certified to be a strength and conditioning specialist and over the years have gathered many different certifications which I apply to my training programs on a daily basis.

I focus my training around sustainability, joint health, injury prevention, and movement functionality while capitalizing on empowering clients to take control over their own health and fitness journey by providing education to help them better understand their bodies.

I preach and practice healthy and sustainable living. Growing up, I competed in swimming at a national level and since then I carried my athletic flame into my training. I enjoy running and have completed many half-marathon races. But most importantly I stand by training my body to be able to perform in various different dynamics, pain-free and without restrictions.

My programs are notorious for never failing to offer a challenge. By combining traditional strength training methods, with non-traditional  functional movements and a big focus on range of motion, balance and coordination, I promise to challenge you to perform things you never thought possible


Matthew Koenig



Hey, I’m Matthew Koenig and I see training differently. I have a growth mindset, and I believe in abundance. There is enough out there for every athlete, coach or trainer to succeed. I set out to blaze a path of collaboration, sharing and providing unmatched value.

I have played sports my entire life such as soccer, badminton. volleyball, football, track and field but my true love has always been basketball. I was small and not a standout athlete growing up and I didn't dunk a basketball until I was 20. I have been cut from teams for being too small, sat on the bench and had ZERO recruiting offers after my high school career. I didn't allow it to stop me and I blazed my own path to the next level, training myself to eventually play post-secondary and compete in professionally! This bred a burning passion to reach my physical peak and to help others do the same!

Previously, I have run my own training program, working at it full time. I decided I wanted better for myself and my clients and did what other trainers would never do... I took my passion, secrets and programs and worked with athletes, free of charge, for over a year, in an effort to gather feedback, learn and perfect my craft. Over this time I have gathered testimonials and success stories.

It is my mission to provide you with cutting edge training and education designed to help give you the tools to :
- Reach your physical goals and peak
- Create a sustainable approach to fitness
- Prevent Injury and live pain-free
- Truly enjoy your fitness journey

Some interesting facts about me are:
I am a Physical Education Teacher with a Kinesiology degree
I compete in FIBA 3x3 Basketball every summer
I dropped everything and worked and lived abroad for a year to help cultivate growth and passion

With the help of my mentor Ben Patrick and learning from Charles Poliquin, I have developed a training system that can be adapted and scaled to adapt to ANYONE willing to put the work in. It includes standards, levels and a pathway to reach your peak and live pain-free!