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Worldclass pain-free performance at your fingertips

Get more athletic, stay injury and pain-free and extend your basketball career

What people are saying about Alliance

Malik Irwin - Pro Basketball Player

Simon Hildebrandt - College Basketball Player

Darcy Coss - Former College Basketball Player (39 Years Old)

Emily Potter - Pro Basketball Player - Canadian National Team

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Like almost all basketball players out there I wanted to jump higher and run faster to elevate my game and stop being overlooked by bigger and more explosive athletes

I finished high school without a single school recruiting me to play post-secondary basketball and took matters into my own hands. Through endless research and testing on myself, I was able to transform my athletics and play above the rim as a sub-6-foot point guard

There was a problem though...My body began to break down, and ache constantly. I had a major wake-up call when I was prescribed double achilles surgery and was in so much pain, that it hurt to walk. I had to warm up for an hour, just to play

I knew something had to change, but I didn't want to opt in for surgery. I began to seek out mentorship and dig deeper into some of the overlooked aspects of training that most coaches and education programs overlook and was able to fix myself!

I am pain and injury free and moving better on the court at 29 than I was at 19 and I honestly feel like I couldn't hurt myself if I tried. Basketball has become easy for my body to handle, regardless of how reckless I play!

Basketball is a highly demanding sport and can take a toll on your body if you don't learn to manage it. Becoming resilient and pain-free is the best thing you can ever do to express the best version of yourself on the court and get back to enjoying the sport you love

If you are dealing with nagging aches and lingering or reoccurring injuries...

If you want to realize your athletic potential...

If you want to extend your career and become uncommonly resilient...

You came to the right place!

Join the growing community of pros, national team and college players who are transforming their bodies and careers


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