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3x3 Basketball Warm-Up

Here is a great warm-up for 3x3 basketball. The demands are similar to that of 5v5 but more focused on the tissues and structures in the lower legs and feet to prepare for outdoor basketball

The warm-up will also serve as a workout to develop better tissue resilience, foot function and lower body mobility

Toe Typing - 10 reps per movement

Facial Curls - 25 reps per foot

Angle Dribbles - 20 meters

Heel-Toe Walk - 20 meters

Patrick Step Up - 10 reps per leg

SL RDL - 8 reps per leg

Deep Lunge - 10 reps

Cossack - 10 reps

Side Kicks - 10 reps per leg

Hip Rotations - 20 reps

Crawl - 20 meters

Thank you for reading!


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