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Achilles Capacity Daily Microdose

The following program is a great daily workout that will boost capacity and ability in the achilles tendon and surrounding musculature.

It can be implemented to boost athletic ability, but also as a way to mitigate overuse injuries, aches, pains and even acute injury.

Each exercise will include a brief description of the type of stimulus it's designed to create

For best results, include a high-quality collagen supplement 45 minutes before you train.

My guidelines for collagen supplements:

  • Grass-fed bovine collagen is best

  • Type I, II and III collagen included

  • Vitamin C is added for optimal uptake

  • No added sugars or dyes

  • Hydrolysed is best (powder form to be mixed with water)

Achilles Daily Microdose

*Ask your coach to put this workout into your app!

Isometric Hold - 3 sets of 45 seconds

Stimulate tendon creep to relieve tension and strengthen the tendon and the surrounding muscles

Eccentric Focused Calf Raise - 2 sets of 10 reps (3 seconds down, one second up)

Stimulated lengthening and increased range of motion of the connective tissues and muscles while strengthening the area through a full range of motion

Ming Calf Stretch - 2 sets of 60 seconds

Lengthen the fascia and relieve tension

Myofascial Release - 5 minutes minimum

Release adhesions in the fascia, leading to an increased range of motion and reduced pain

Fascial Hops/Skipping - progress to 3 sets of 90 seconds single leg

Progress in dynamic movements and capacity to absorb impact while improving the fascial connection to the larger muscles up the chain. Increased resilience.

Advanced Progressions

*Implement once you can easily do all of the exercises in the microdose without soreness or pain*

Plyometrics Progression

Patrick Step Up

Let me know how this workout goes for you in our online community!

Thank you for reading,


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