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Ankle Sprain Protocol

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

The following is a daily protocol designed to speed up recovery as well as prevent reinjury.

I have used this routine on myself and with others to drastically speed up recovery, restore range of motion and strength.

The protocol includes 3 phases. Acute, Rehab, and Prevention for you to progress through. You will notice that the program asks you to complete each exercise for both the injured ankle and the healthy one. This is to help ensure you do not sustain an injury to the healthy side due to compensating for the injured one.

It is important to note that this does not substitute for medical advice and you should get your injury assessed by a professional in-person to determine if there is structural damage to the ankle before proceeding.

As soon as possible prior to injury the goal should be to restore pain-free range of motion.

Do NOT ice the area, as this will slow healing and recovery. The Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) method has been proven to prolong the healing process. Read more here

You want as much blood flow as possible to remove inflammation and supply nutrients. Icing, while possibly numbing pain in the short term will take blood away from the area.

Acute Phase:

The area is painful and swollen and any movement hurts.

Ankle Flossing - 20 reps each direction per ankle

Can be done with or without the band. Option to do them in warm water (tub/bucket)

Once you can do this pain-free you can progress to the Rehab Phase!

Rehab Phase:

The area is still tender weak and may be stiff. This phase will focus on restoring strength and mobility to the ankle.

Option to heat the area for 10 mins prior to starting.

A) Toe Typing - 10 reps per movement

B) Ankle CAR's - 10 each direction per ankle

C) Tibialis Raise - 20 reps

D) Ming Calf Stretch - 2 mins

E) STL Calf Raise - 10 reps per leg

*Only do if pain-free*

*Once you can do all exercises pain-free you can progress to Prevention Phase*

Prevention Phase:

The area is pain-free. This phase will prevent injury and restore full ability. Do not skip this phase. Repeat Daily until you can each Patrick Step Up Standard pain-free.

A) Heel-Toe Walks - 10 meters each

B1) Ankle Inversion PAILs/RAILs - 2 rounds of 60-20-10

B2) Ankle Eversion PAILs/RAILs - 2 rounds of 60-20-10

C1) Weighted Ankle Rotations - 2 sets of 10 each direction per ankle

C2) STL Calf Raise 2 - 2 sets of 10 per ankle

D) Patrick Step Up - 10 reps per leg

*Standard - 3 inch box and +25% BW*

Thank you for reading and please send it to a friend in need!

If you would like feedback simply send form clips or questions to my WhatsApp# +1 204 891 6851 OR tag us on Instagram @alliance_athletics_




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