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Bend, twist, and lift explosively.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

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Landmine lifts off all the benefits of Olympic style lifting without the risk to your back. This style of lifting puts a higher emphasis on weight transfer during power production. In these dynamic and ballistic movements, all 3 movement planes are working together to throw an asymmetrical load forward into space.

The body works in oppositional forces to create power, a chain of tissues lengthens while another shortens, short side long side. The oppositions can be easily explained in terms of movement planes sagittal lateral and transverse. I've found no better method to develop the lateral line expression than with these landmine olympic lifts. You really have to coil the entire lateral line against each other. Transverse and sagittal oppositions are easily understood and implemented while frontal planes are often neglected or just an afterthought, while in reality, these lines do so much of the heavy lifting in the real world.

Landmine Olympic lifts are going to transfer more to field and court sports than traditional bilateral lifts. I'm not saying bilateral power and Olympic lifts are bad by any means. I feel they should be sprinkled into a high-performance program or a specific block of training instead of being the cornerstone. After all, the dose makes the poison.

These lifts also do a phenomenal job of transferring torque from the ground through the 3 planes into a verticalized and forward-projected vector. Relating the posterior chain to a side bent and thoracic rotation starting position. While bringing a gait cycle through the lower body.

The eccentric phase is also very interesting and beneficial; on the way down, you really have to control and catch the weight. Doing repetitions without dropping the weight creates a very dynamic split stance where weight and momentum need to be transferred back into the subsequent reps. These series of lifts, clean, jerk, snatch, and even deadlift are the most complete weight lifting concepts I've seen.

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