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Bone Bruises & Contusions

While playing any sport, it's common to experience contusions or bruises to either soft tissues or even bones.

I have recently experienced a bone bruise on my Iliac Crest (my hip bone) and also consulted with a basketball player who suffered a bone bruise along his Talus bone in his foot (top of your foot right under your ankle)

The following is the protocol I am advising the athlete to follow specific to the ankle, but the treatment can also be modified to address different areas of the body. I am doing the same for my hip just with a few different exercises.

General Guidelines:

- No icing - While this can reduce inflammation and pain, it also delays the healing process. Unless inflammation is so severe that it cuts off circulation, it's not a bad thing, but just a healing response. Read more here

- Get good sleep - The easiest and most overlooked way to improve health and healing ability

- Eat good, clean and avoid processed foods - Increase fruit consumption, particularly berries or other foods high in antioxidants to promote increased blood flow

- Get moving - This is not the time to be sedentary, you need to have as much low-intensity movement as possible throughout your day. Walking, swimming, or even just standing is better than lying around. The more you move, the more blood flow increases which will lead to better circulation of nutrients and removal of wastes.

- Sauna if possible or warm baths

Drills Specific to Bruised Talus

These drills are designed to mobilize and lightly strengthen the surrounding tissues while promoting blood flow and healing. They can be done 2-3 times per day!

Foot Pronation Drill - 2 sets of 10 reps per foot

Banded Ankle Mobilization - 10 reps per foot

Weighted Ankle Rotation - 20 reps per foot

Mini Plyos - 2 sets of 90 seconds (per foot) Regress intensity if needed with a pool or support and progress to single leg

Ankle CARs (rotations) in Warm Water if Possible - 2 sets of 20 per foot

Graston Technique - Spend 5-7 mins on this once per day

Thank you for reading. Reach out to me or your coach to give feedback and ask questions in our Discord Community


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