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Updated: Oct 29, 2022

A Preliminary Step towards your physical goals. It can be paired well with any of the mobility routines.

“Foundations” is a collection of core movements. By improving these you experience increased mobility, strength and feel less pain. Because you are moving through a greater range of motion, your body also burns calories faster. This all has a youthening effect on the body.

The routines are short and can be done multiple times daily if needed. Alternatively, it also helps to break up the volume throughout the day. Ask us about this, if micro-dosing is of interest to you.

The routines are broken up into separate days. These can be combined or done individually to address the problem or weak areas. The days can be done multiple times per week to speed up adaptation.

NOTE: Send us form clips of all the exercises that call for it. Once your form is approved, you no longer need to send clips until you would like to verify a standard.

Lastly, we care about your progress and results, please keep us updated on how you are doing, and reach out with any questions, we answer each and every one!


Watch this video before starting

Foundations Level 1

Day 1 - Knee and Ankles - Strength through Length

A1) Heel/Toe Walk - 20 meters/each

A2) Toe Typing - 3x20

B) Backpedalling - 300 meters (3 mins for “Deadmill”)

C1) Reverse Step Up - 3x20/leg