Functional Movement Assessments: Why they're important

There are four major things you and your coach can obtain from a Functional Movement Assessment:

  1. Identifying individuals at risk for injury.

  2. Implementing a corrective exercise strategy to improve or normalize functional movement patterns.

  3. Providing a tool to monitor progress in dynamic or changing fitness programs.

  4. Establishing a functional movement baseline for appropriate exercise programming.

The important consideration to remember is that proper functional movement precedes performance and may ultimately lead to an injury reduction. If you haven’t had a screen and you are a beginner or experienced athlete, this is something you should give strong consideration.

Remember, you can’t put fitness on dysfunction. Unfortunately, this happens much too often in today’s fitness industry. Trainers out there want to get you the results you want as fast as possible. Great. But what happens when an injury occurs and you have a major setback in training. Weeks to months off to, being unable to make any improvements.

I am a strong believer in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) because personally, it has helped me understand the movement patterns of my clients on a deeper level and thus helped me design appropriate training programs that brought my clients great levels of success. Most importantly, my clients are healthy and injury-free for the long-run. They reach their goals while staying pain-free. We take our time focusing on improving those foundational movements and taking the time to seal any cracks in movement patterns that may lead to injury later on.

As you begin your journey with Alliance Athletics, your coach will likely ask you to meet (on ZOOM, FaceTime, Skype) to perform an FMS, or a written assessment will be sent to you online.

If you are reading this, it is likely because we would like to Screen you. Don’t be worried, this screen is simple and won't take longer than 10 minutes.

So what’s next?

On our App, you will be sent a video of each of the 7 exercises that make up the FMS. Once you see your FMS pop-up on your App you will record yourself performing the exercise and submit the video to your Coach. Please note the specific way we would like you to film each exercise (ex. Front angle, side angle etc.)

All you will need is a broomstick and a bin, or stack of books to reach your knee height.

We will look at your video and score your assessment from our end. Each exercise is scored from 0-3. A score of 0 means that you have pain and/or are unable to do the exercise. A score of 3 means you're moving perfectly (FYI a score of 3 is unusual, so don't be alarmed). There’s one key thing to remember… THIS IS NOT A TEST! We are simply looking for those missing links in order to help you reach your goals to the best of our ability.

The 7 Movements

  1. Deep Squat

  2. Stepping

  3. Lunging

  4. Reaching

  5. Leg Raising

  6. Push-Up

  7. Rotatory Stability

Please watch the video sent to you via App and submit a video of your exercises back to us for assessment. We are looking for 3 repetitions of each exercise with the camera angles as shown in the video.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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