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Get the most out of our training plans

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The following applies to those who are doing any of the workouts on our Instagram page.

Definitely continue what you are doing, while listening to your body of course. You do not have to stop doing what you are already doing. If you are already doing other programs or activities simply treat the exercises or programs like salt and pepper. Use it to sprinkle on top to get more out of what you are already doing.

Our programs generally have a few levels to them, and for members, we coach you through them step by step through the app.

If you are reading this post you are most likely already taking some good steps towards your goals. Most likely you like to push yourself and are dedicated to your craft which is great. I want to emphasize a couple of keys that will help you get the most of any of our exercises or programs.

1) Listen to your body.

2) Do not work through any sharp uncomfortable pain. We are seeking muscle burn. We also do not want you to go to absolute failure.

3) Use us! Send all your questions and your clips so we can personally coach your form and help make any adaptations you might need! You can either DM these to us or post and tag our page @alliance_athletics_

4) Consistency and sustainability are key. This can mean possibly starting with only one set and working up from there. Getting really dead tired and sore is not the goal. We want to build you up! Also, when building habits starting slow and building momentum is key.

Thank you for reading


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