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My Favorite Exercises for Active Recovery after Basketball

Recovery modalities such as cold/hot tubs, massage, and other therapeutic interventions are great, but in my opinion, the most effective way to boost recovery after basketball (or any strenuous activity or sport) is active recovery.

Sleep and proper nutrition are also super important but for the purpose of this article, I will only be speaking on active recovery.

The following can be done immediately following a game, practice or training, or done on off days! Let your coach know if you would like this protocol put into your app!

Backpedalling - 5 mins

- The benefit of backpedalling is that you can pump blood into your quads, knees and lower legs without adding more stress or soreness. This is because there is no lengthening under load or eccentric phase which is when micro damage happens to your tissues. Because of this, it's an amazing active recovery exercise.

Sled Drive - 5 mins

- Sled drives are great for all of the same reasons that backpedalling is, but it instead focuses more on the posterior chain and calves/achilles.

Couch Stretch - 60 seconds per leg

- Open up the anterior chain, hip flexors, quads and shins

Plantar Fascia Stretch - 60 seconds

- Stretch out the tops of your feet and shins. This is super effective after sports when these areas are often tight from taking a beating

Tibialis Stretch - 60 seconds

- Stretch out the bottoms of your feet. This is super effective after sports when these areas are often tight from taking a beating

Ming Calf Stretch - 60 seconds per leg

- One of the best stretches you can do to open up your entire backside, the backs of your knees and calves

Eldoa Chest Opener - 60 seconds per arm

- The best way to open up your hands, wrists, forearms and chest. These areas are often super tight after sports

As a bonus, get some sunlight and ground your body. Check out the video below for more info and the article here

Thank you for reading and if you have questions, or would like feedback tag the @alliance_athletics_ page on IG or send me a message on WhatsApp at +12048916851

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