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Read, Write, Listen, Move - Beyond the Classroom

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Reflection - Kaitlin Calla

Physical health gets a lot of attention. Sore back - book a massage therapy appointment, blurry vision - its time to see the optometrist, teeth giving you trouble - dentist here you come and don’t forget about the chiropractor, physiotherapist, podiatrist, dermatologist, orthodontist, otolaryngologist (ENT) and so many more skilled professionals that treat our physical self.

But who ‘treats’ our emotional and cognitive well-being in addition to making sustainable physical health improvements?

I’m talking about a shift from ‘treating’ to ‘teaching’. Enter the up-and-coming era of the Wellness Coach. An allied health professional working not in opposition but as a complimentary guide in addition to all of the familiar physical health specialists. Wellness Coaches use proactive behavioural changes, reflection, and goals that align with values, self-advocacy, sleep hygiene and active lifestyles to illicit sustainable results.

I am on a journey as I accept my offer to the Wellness Coaching program at Humber College. A journey that included over six years teaching in the public school system, before and during a global pandemic. This time in the classroom taught me great lessons in patience, acceptance, community and resiliency.

I am more aware of my own values, priorities and well-being. It has been a surprising, rewarding and challenging part of my journey but I know it is time to seek out new environments to grow, learn and build relationships.

Read: Reading for Pleasure

Do you have a book on the go? It might be a book recommended, borrowed from a friend or an audiobook to listen to on a long walk. Studies show that regular reading for pleasure may help to prevent burnout and increase empathy, specifically in the medical profession (du Sautoy, 2021).

There will always be competing interests and responsibilities but if reading for pleasure is prioritized there may be notable health benefits. A few positive impacts include improved decision making, improved self-esteem, reduced risk of depression, increased sleep quality and increased creativity (du Sautoy, 2021). Book clubs stemming from pleasure reading could be the missing piece to help build connections with others and strengthen existing relationships.

Write: Journaling