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Sport Specific Warm Up - Basketball

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

The following is a warm-up for basketball players. It can be done on the court without any equipment!

Toe Typing

  • 10 reps each

Heel/Toe Walk

  • Half-court and back for each

Single-Leg RDL

  • 10 reps /Leg

*Put shoes on*

Tibialis Raise

  • 20 Reps

ISO Split Stance

  • 30 seconds /Side

  • Get into a comfortable split stance and get low

Worlds Greatest Stretch

  • 10 per leg


  • Forward/Backward to half court and back


  • Length of the court

Backward Bounding

  • 2 sets Length of the court

YTAW Movements

  • 10 Reps /Movement

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please reach out!

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