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Unleash Your Full Potential: The 6 Must-Do Workout Movements for a Lifetime of Strength and Balance

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

​If you had to pick 6 workout movements to do for the rest of your life, and you could only do those movements, what would they be?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

I love hypothetical questions like “this or that”. They are fun thought experiments that give you perspective about the things you value. So, let's do one. Here is my answer If I was only allowed to do 6 things for the rest of my life, these are the ones I’d choose and here’s, why.


Crawling is a great movement because it is a full-body movement, and you can modify the exercise, changing angles and directions depending on what you want to achieve.

  • Structural Balance - Crawling ensures structural balance as all the forces your body produces must be expressed through the hands and feet! This strengthens your fingers, toes, hands and feet

  • Core Strengthening - Crawling (while keeping your hips as low as possible) is a fantastic core workout that incorporates stability and strength

  • Coordination - Crawling requires full-body coordination and cohesiveness, leading to improved agility and body awareness.

  • Bonus - Crawling face up will allow you to work your posterior chain. (The Back of your body)


​Push-ups are more than just a chest exercise. I love these because when done properly they will strengthen every muscle in your Anterior Chain (front of your body) Similar to crawling without the movement. Also, your hips are extended rather than flexed.

  • ​This is a Functional Exercise – ​​​​The pushing motion gets used in everyday life. Simple things like pushing open a door, for example.

  • ​Improve upper body strength – ​​They are a great exercise for strengthening your upper body, including the chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back. This will help you not only look good, but feel more confident.

  • ​They Can Be Easily Modified – ​​They can be modified to be easier or harder depending on your level. You can do things like decline or inclined one-handed, and many other variations that will challenge you.


The Pull-up is somewhat of the opposite of the push-up. Not exactly but very close. Pull-ups are a true test of overall body strength.

  • ​It could save your life one day – ​​Pulling down over your head isn't something you do all the time however, if you ever needed to do it, it would likely save your life. Imagine hanging from a bridge or cliff, lol. That said, it is the antagonist movement pattern of pushing. So developing this movement will help structurally balance your body to avoid injury.

  • Improve upper body strength – ​​This is a great exercise for strengthening your upper body, forearms, biceps, shoulders, and back. There's nothing that makes me feel more confident and strong than being able to lift myself up from a dead-hanging position.

  • They Can Be Easily Modified – ​​They can be modified to be easier or harder depending on your level. You can do things like decline or inclined one-handed, and many other variations that will challenge you.


ATG Split Squat Is the king of overall lower body movements. If you are not structurally balanced you won't be able to do this properly and will likely have to do a regressed version of this movement.

  • Strengthens and Stretches - This is a powerful movement. Not only are you getting full range training on your front leg. But you're also getting a stretching of your back leg. One leg is in flexion while the other is in extension however both legs are working together to achieve this movement, therefore it requires a lot of coordination.

  • Improve lower body strength, flexibility and mobility - This exercises will develop the full range of strength and/or mobility in your feet, ankles, tibialis, calf, knee, quads, and hip flexors. Being able to do this movement with your body weight will save you from injury. As people get older in age falling becomes one of the leading causes of death from injury.

  • They Can Be Easily Modified - Like all the movements it can be easily progressed or regressed depending on your level.


Couch Stretch Is the only “movement” in this series that isn't an actual movement, but a passive stretch, kinda. In my opinion, this is the greatest stretch you can do, hence why it's the only stretch in this series.

  • The opposite of sitting – The reason I value this stretch so much is that it is the exact opposite of sitting, something most of us do far too much of. When setting, our hips are in flexion, and our glutes are relaxed. In this movement, the goal is to extend at the hip and squeeze your glute muscle. This will help deepen the stretch and improve hip extension.

  • Improve lower body flexibility – This stretch targets your quads and hip flexors. It is mimicking the position of running, so you'll see that running becomes easier. It will also get that creeky feeling out of your hips. You get a bonus stretch of your tibialis muscle.

  • They Can Be done while watching TV – You can do this stretch while watching TV. Just put your back leg on a couch, and you're good to go. Do it as many times as you want throughout the day. Remember to squeeze that glute muscle.


Single-Leg RDL Is a great movement for balance and overall body awareness. Its main focus is the hamstring, however, you get glute and lower back activation as well.

  • It could save your back – Imagine lifting something up. You won't do it with one leg, however, the top of this movement is the end of picking something up from the ground. Being strong in your hamstrings, glutes and lower back in this movement pattern will avoid those back injuries from picking this up incorrectly.

  • Stretch and Strengthen – This movement is going to stretch and strengthen the hamstring like no other. When done properly, you'll feel the hamstring stretching on the way down.

  • They Can Be Easily Modified – You can change how much you bend your knees while doing the movement, and it will change the activation of specific muscles.

If you enjoyed this article and want to improve your movement quality and get stronger, check out my coaching services Train with me

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