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Why overlooking your tendons is killing potential gains in sports and the weight room

First off it is important to understand what tendons are..

Your tendons are rope like structures made up of dense connective tissue. They connect muscles to bones and transmit the force generated by the muscles to the bones to produce movement.

They have a high tensile strength and are very springy, allowing them to handle the high tension and elongation that happens when muscles contract.

Think of your tendons like this rope, woven with thousands of threads of collagen fibers.

Imagine you overuse a rope, over time it will wear down and become weak. Similar concept applies to your tendon, except you have the ability to strengthen your tendons, and increase the thickness of the fibers through training.

In sports that require a lot of jumping, twisting, turning, or cutting motions, like soccer, basketball or tennis, the tendons of the knee and ankle play a crucial role in maintaining stability and preventing injury.

So how does training my tendons help me become a better athlete..

Tendons are the enablers of the potential force (stored energy) your muscles generate during exercise. However, the key word here is potential. If the mechanical stress exceeds your tendons capacity, they cannot fully transmit the force from muscle to bone

to enable movement.