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Develop Athleticism, Prevent & Rehab Injury

My mission is to develop soccer players to attain elite athleticism, optimize performance, and rehabilitate injuries

I'm Sundeep Rakhra, a Masters student in the field of Physiotherapy, dedicated to helping soccer players and athletes reach their performance goals.


My journey in health and fitness began at a young age when I discovered my love for sports. As an active player on my women's premier soccer team, I personally experienced the setbacks that injuries can bring. From sprained MCLs to ankles, lower back pain, and the frustration of feeling constantly sore, I understood the limitations these challenges imposed on my daily life and athletic performance.

Recognizing the unique physiological and psychological aspects that women face, I aim to empower women to overcome obstacles, break through boundaries, and excel in their athletic pursuits.


Driven by my own experiences, this journey led me to explore various training methods and strategies to optimize my body and achieve lasting results. Now I help others along their journey to do the same. 


Now, as I pursue my Masters of Physical Therapy, I aim to bridge the gap between strength and conditioning and the clinical setting of physical therapy. My mission is to equip soccer players with cutting-edge athleticism, injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies, and the tools needed to achieve elite performance.



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- Volleyball Player

- Soccer Player

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