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Move Strong, Free & Easy

I coach active 50+ year-old people to train like an athlete!

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I come from a forty-year background of dedication to health, physical education, fitness, and training athletes.


Most of my life I have been immersed in a sports and fitness culture that puts optimal personal fitness and athleticism on a pedestal, making it a “superpower”, something out of reach for the average human.


Training for athleticism or “training like an athlete” is not something that most 50+ year olds like me are encouraged to do or want to do because of this unfortunate mindset.


There is this myth that the athlete is in a whole other league when it comes to what they need to train for strength and mobility compared to, the 45-year-old accountant or the 65 year old retired grandma.


Here is the myth buster: An athlete and an older adult are both HUMAN! All human tissue will respond and adapt similarly no matter how old or athletic one’s body is.


So why not have everyone train like an athlete?!

This was my revelation after training for several months with Alliance. Alliance training made me stronger, more mobile, and more energetic (as it does for younger people and athletes too).


It never left me sore and stiff and because of efficient streamlined programming, I actually spent less time working out, giving me more time for other things. Through experience, I could see that Alliance training methods were healthy, effective and safe, the ideal mobility fitness training for older generations.

With the help and guidance of Alliance Athletic’s founder and head coach, Matthew Koenig, I have designed “Mobility Fitness for Older Adults”, a foundational program routed in Alliance training principles with the needs of active older adults in the forefront.

I’m excited to be part of this Alliance team of dedicated, innovated and experienced coaches and I look forward to helping clients get results!

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