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Custom Coaching 

Limited spaces available

- A full Comprehensive Assessment
- Customized Programming
- Coaching and Feedback after every session

Perform Your Best

*All prices in USD*


    Every month
    A Growing Library of everything we know
    • - Full access to our Members Corner of Exclusive Content
    • - Exercise Library, Programs & Educational Content
    • - Programming for our Flagship program "Foundations"
    • - Access to follow-along workouts
  • Athlete Foundations

    Course & Program with Coaching
    • 9 Lessons to Perform your Best, Pain Free
    • Access to FOUNDATIONS Programming
    • Access to Online Community to Receive Coaching
    • Access to other Athletes and Health Experts
    • Exclusive Benefits
  • Just for Malik

    Every month
    Price is reflective of $60 CAD
    • - A Full Functional Movement Screen
    • - Customized programming to your specific needs
    • - Full access Members Corner of Exclusive Content
    • - Full access to our Exercise Library
    • - Coaching and feedback after every session
    • - Unlimited access to coaches for questions and support
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