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Conditioning that Builds the Body

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Conditioning is often associated with activities like running, high-intensity interval training and other strenuous activities that often lead to soreness and high levels of fatigue.

For athletes, this often looks like wind sprints, man-makers and other invasive drills that break them down

I am here to change your perspective on conditioning! What if it made your body feel better? What if it built your body up?! What if it made your joints, tissues and fascia healthier and more robust?!

Sounds awesome right? Check out the resources below and implement them in your training today. We use these methods to train many of our pro athletes.

Try using this method here to lower your Resting Heart Rate (RHR), which happens to be one of the best indicators of cardiovascular health.

Next, apply the following movements that are restorative in nature in multiple ways. They help grow tissues and develop strength, as well as restore posture.

  1. Overhead Carry - awesome for shoulder strength and stability, but also for opening up your wrists and forearms

  2. Crawling - full-body strengthening and coordination. Help with movement ability

  3. Backpedaling - Strengthen and fortify the anterior chain of the lower body, accelerating recovery.

  4. Sled Drive - boost the Achilles tendon and the posterior chain

If you have questions or comments feel free to join our discord and ask away!

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