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15 Minutes per Day for Healthy Shoulders

If you have achy or tight shoulders this short workout is for you! It can be done daily without any equipment at all or simply by using common items around you. You can also add this in as a warmup for compound lifts or as a way to maintain the health of your shoulder.

Short micro-dose style workouts are an effective way to get the most out of your workout time. These types of workouts involve completing short bursts of highly focused and targeted workouts, with minimal rest in between. Doing this type of workout can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, build muscle, and increase your metabolism but is even better for maintaining your gains or strengthening weak or tight areas.

Additionally, micro-dosing workouts can help to keep you motivated and focused on your goals, and can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. This makes it easier to build or maintain a habit

The following is a microdose style workout I put together for a client of mine who is going on a holiday but wants to maintain the progress we have been making on his shoulder!

You don't need any equipment to complete this workout but you might find using a rock, bag or another heavy object as a weight will be helpful

If you try this workout and like it, let your coach know and they can program it for you!

MicroDose - Shoulder Health

Crawling - 3 mins

Waiter Carries - 3 mins

Shoulder External Rotation - 2 sets of 10 per arm

Butchers Block Stretch - 60 seconds

Shoulder CARs - 5 reps

ELDOA Chest Opener - 10 breaths per arm


Hanging daily will make a massive difference in improving your shoulder mobility and strength. If you have something to hang from, adding just a couple mins per day of hanging will drastically speed up results!

Feel free to share progress, ask questions or get feedback through the Alliance Online Community - here

Matt Koenig

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