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Fascial Performance

I am super excited to share with all of you one of the more interesting and mind-blowing topics that I have come across recently. The content of the video and programming that I share in this article is information that I can promise you, you will not find anywhere else on the internet, and that I have personally only been able to identify one coach who is applying these concepts. This is very exciting and I can't wait to apply this concept further for all of you to benefit from!

In this article, I will be sharing one of our live lessons with our Alliance Student Coaches that we recently had about training the fascia for performance. After, I will share one of the programs I have created as well as the progression model to build this fascial connection.

This is a very exciting and new concept that I have been learning more about so I am very excited to share this information with you all! Please reach out with any questions you might have.

This program will build the fascial connection from the feet to the glutes and will result in positive adaptations in athletic ability, resiliency and overall function.

Stay tuned for updates on this article and more like it as I work to fully flush out and apply this concept for all of you Alliance Members.

The Lesson:

Note: The following lesson is approximately 90 minutes long and covers fairly advanced topics, reach out of you have questions!

The Program:

Note: This program is designed to be done alongside Foundations, and assumes that the qualities of structural balance and basic foot function are being developed. Please reach out for advice and guidance for the implementation, or if you would like it assigned on your app!

Prerequisites: Basic foot and toe ability, Structural Balance, Hallux dorsiflexion, Tibialis strength, Barefoot training and/or using barefoot shoes

A) Plantar Fascia Myofascial Release

3-5 mins

Find the adhesions and record them to keep track of them over time

B) Calf Myofascial Release

3-5 mins

Find the adhesions and record them to keep track of them over time

C) Fascia Toe Curls

50 reps

D) Mountain Climbers

1 min

E1) Fascial Figure 8

3 sets of 5 each direction per foot

E2) Fascial Sprinters

3 sets of 10 per leg

F) Plantar Fascia Rolls

10 reps per foot

G) Fascial Hops

Single leg max time

KEY POINT - Stop as soon as you begin to muscle the movement and cant stay light on your feet. Go for max time up to 4 mins per foot.

Send in a video and indicate where you feel fatigued (feet, calves, quads or glutes

H1) Plantar Fascia/Tibialis Stretch

2 sets of 45 seconds each

H2) Hallux Stretch

2 sets of 45 seconds

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