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Lower Back Pain Relief LVL. 1

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

The following is a short protocol that I created for a member who came to us with lower back tightness. Keep in mind that there are many causes of back pain and that the best way to combat it long term is to get it assessed so you can be ultra-specific with your approach.

There will be 2 workouts. One will be focused on strengthening and opening up range of motion, the second is more for recovery. They can be done up to 3 times each per week.

Back pain is a common condition that is often the sum of many other issues. Hip restriction and lack of movement in the spine are often a good place to start. Reach out and let me know how it's going.

Day 1 - Strengthening and Lengthening

Intent - Opening up range and strengthening. This one will leave you a little sore the next day but will feel easier with time and repetition. You might find your symptoms are worse after the first time as your body is not used to these types of movements. Reach out if you are still feeling this way after a few sessions.

It's a good amount of exercise but if you look, most of them are only one set. It should only take 15 - 20 mins to go through these after you do them once.

Also note that there are supersets (E1, E2, F1, F2) where you alternate between the two exercises each set.

Feel free to send me form clips so I can coach your form! WhatsApp is good or even post it on your IG Story and tag the @aliance_athletics_ page to have your form coached.

A) Crawling - 3 sets of 1 min

C) Bridge & Tuck - 10 reps

D) Lower Back CAR’s - 5 reps

E1) Copenhagen Progression - 3 sets of 10 (30 seconds for holds) *Reach out if this is too hard*

E2) Glute Medius Stretch - 3 sets of 45 seconds

F1) Side Kick - 3 sets of 10/side

F2) Standing Pancake - 3 sets of 45 seconds

G) Jefferson Curls - 2 sets of 10

H) 90-90 Stretches - 1 min per leg per side (or more!)

Day 2 - Recovery and Movement

A) Hip CAR’s - 5 reps per leg

B) Couch Stretch Hip Flexor - 2 sets of 60 seconds per leg

D) 9090 Stretches - 2 rounds of 1 min per leg per side

Final Point:

The key to progressing and getting rid of back pain is to get a full assessment which we do with all Alliance members. This way we can see exactly what is causing the pain and then attack it head-on.

The other key point is that you need to progress in your strength, range and ability in order to make sure that the pain does not return and that you are able to return to your activities without setbacks. Reach out to us to help you with progressing forwards or visit our website to become a member.

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