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Training as a Busy Professional

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This program is really only a checklist. This makes it much more manageable for a busy professional to implement the minimum effective dosage to drive positive adaptation.

This checklist was created for a health care professional that works with high-level professional athletes.

The main intentions are:

- Managing and eventually eliminating knee pain

- Improving upper body strength (pull up)

- Spinal hygiene

- Some light conditioning for cardiac health

You can use this model exactly, or create your own! Feel free to reach out and ask questions if you need help!

The Protocol

Simply complete each of the exercises in order and check them off. Each week reflect on which ones were completed and plan to complete more or all of them next week. The exercises are ordered specifically to make sure the more important get completed first and secondary goals are taken care of once the first ones are completed.

The Program

Capacity conditioning - 20 mins of one or any combo of the 3 options below

- Backpedal (extra knee resistance)

- Crawl (extra core and upper body strength)

- Carry (extra upper body and core stability)

Hollow body hang - Start with 3 sets of 30 seconds and work up to accumulating 5 mins

*(Tuck pelvis and ribcage, reach feet slightly forwards. New video coming soon)*

Neck series - 10 reps of each movement

*Bonus Spine Work - Eccentric Jefferson Curls

Poliquin step up - 3 sets of 20 per leg

Pull up eccentrics (progressions) - 3 sets of 6-8 reps

90-90 variation - 5 mins total

Full range push-up - 3 sets of 6-8 reps

Thank you for reading!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please reach out! Also, if you are doing this program keep me posted!


IG @redpill.perfromance

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