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How I became a stronger and more resilient athlete with these 3 subtle changes

I want to share my training journey and how I was able to rebuild my strong but worn down body, from being injured, and constantly aching to be stronger and more resilient. My perspective has changed over my years of training, and I hope to help others achieve their goals.

I grew up playing multiple sports and still play soccer. Being an athlete, injuries were a common occurrence for me. I started heavy weightlifting when I was 17. I got very strong in my lifts, but I was not able to translate my strength effectively.

I was extremely stiff and I developed lower back pain, on and off for 3 years. My knees and glutes were not very strong and I had extremely tight hip flexors and quads.

I was running into plateaus and even though I was in pain, I kept pushing myself through. This impacted on my daily activities, lifestyle, and mood.

Some days it would physically hurt for me to sit up out of bed or bend over. I often brushed it off because I thought "since I’m active I should be fine", although it felt like I had the joints and body of an elderly person.

Getting to this point for me was a wake-up that I need to do something different with my training. From my years of training, I became so muscle-dominant, while neglecting the other parts of my body. My mission is to help you avoid these problems which are very common with athletes.

The 3 key changes I made to my training were:

  1. Strength training in full ranges of motion

  2. Tissue, joint and tendon health

  3. Focusing on recovery and not grinding

Since changing the way I train, I have eliminated my pain, broke through plateaus, and am much stronger in my lifts and in sport. I am able to move better and feel good throughout my daily life.

As an Alliance coach, I want to help you develop athleticism, train for longevity, become stronger and more resilient. I want to help athletes who are in pain, rehabilitate injuries and return to sport better than ever. I want to show you that movement is medicine and you can transform your body to be strong. mobile, and functional.

Instagram: @sr__performance

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